The 5 Texas Holdem Strategy Commandments

You peek at your cards, the dealer peeks at his, you realize you have been dealt Ace, king, and the first card shows a spade. You have the best hand so far, so you decide to bet the pot. The dealer impatly calls your bet. Here ends one round of betting. You lost some money, but now you are convinced that Texas Holdem is a game you can win.

Over the next few pages, I will begin to reveal the fundamentals of a winning Texas Holdem strategy. I will tell you the basic rules of the QQdewa, and how to enter a game of Texas Holdem. I will also tell you what cards to play and what cards not to play. I will tell you which are good and which are bad starting hands. I will tell you what all the different positions on the table are and why. After learning how to play Texas Holdem, you will also learn what the best possible hands are and which are not.

So what are the 5 main Texas Holdem Strategy rules? The overall rule is to enter a game when you have a better hand than the players before you. If you look at your cards, if you are dealt good cards, you will want to raise the bet when it is your turn. In this case, the other players are forcing you to raise the bet. They are giving you odds to call by just watching you, so 99% of the time they will lose and you will win.

The first rule is very important: Do not call when you have bad cards. You will lose money if you call when you have weak cards. You are not going to win every time, so throw away those cards! Do not call when you have cards to play and you do not have high cards.

The second rule is: Raise when you want to play. If you raise when you have a strong hand, that will throw your opponents off their game when you have a high hand. That is what you want. You do not want to play every hand, because it is surprising when those cards get played against you. You want to keep them in the hand when you have a strong hand.

The third rule is: Bet aggressively. This will show people that you are a strong player and will help you win more pots. Do not bother with checking and calling, because it will end in losing pots. If you want to be in control of the hand, rise in the bet or fold.

The fourth rule is: Play all hands, especially in the later positions. If you are at a late position or the cutoff, you should play all pockets hands from the blinds. In the earlier positions, you can play more hands, especially in combination with aggressive raising.

The fifth rule is: Learn to read your opponents. You have to read hands differently than you have in other poker games. You have to change how you read the hands and adapt your strategy for each different situation.