Free Online Poker Guide – How to Play Ace-King

In Kartupoker free online poker, Ace-King (AK) is the best hand to play. In online poker AK is 88% to 100% better than other pocket pairs. The reason for this is that it is a single pair and has three sets, Ace, King, and a King. It feels REALLY good to have this hand! You can play AK in many different ways, but the following are the best ways to play AK.


Sounds silly, but you up against a lot of players with a lot of skill. What I mean is, there is a lot of skill behind the cards that come out of the big blind. If you decide to loosen up, you will likely lose a lot of your chips to players who play better cards than you. If you have AK and limp into any pot, you are risking the chance that one of the other players behind you holds AK and will play it aggressively. You need to raise AK pre-flop to get these guys to muck, or at least pre-turn so you can win a pot from them. If you don’t raise, if a similar hand to yours comes out on the flop, a reasonable amount of times you will lose a nice amount of chips (depending on your stack) if you expose your King pair.

Atically Limping

Even though Ace-King is a top pocket pair, limping pocket Aces, Kings, and Queens is raising. It is one of the cheaper ways to get additional raises in pre-flop. Also, if you limp with these hands, the table might believe you to be playing lower pairs, and not lead out with a big raise. Either way, these hands winED in situations where you represent big hands, and lose situations where you expose lower pairs. So, by limping with them, you can win the small pots, and lose the big ones.

No Showdown

With hands like these, you will often not have a showdown. You should raise pre-flop, and if you get re-raised, you will need to consider your position and probably fold the hand. Unlike AK, these hands win less in situations where they are compared to Ace-King, and more in situations where they are compared to lower pairs. So, if you have a choice between two different hands, stick with the smaller pair.

Being able to put your opponent on a range of hands is the key to management of your hand. Even with the loose style of playing, you will always have some sort of hand behind you. When you are starting out, only play hands that most experts would say is playable. Don’t be afraid to fold poor hands. More often than not, your opponents will not even notice the hands on the table. AA, KK, QQ, JJ, and AK are monster hands. They are the biggest pairs and face the biggest sets. However, they are also the easiest hands to get paid off with a raise. Big Slick is the tight hand. It wins the biggest pots and knock people out. However, it is very easy to get outdrawn. If you have a limped, or passive, big hand, you should not be paying much attention to other players unless you have the nuts. A button raise will often have people folding the monster hands.