Purpose of Life – Which Direction Is it Teaming You Up For?

A-sense-of-place – With the news about the financial crisis spreading around the nation in 2009; there has been an increase in the everyday happenings associated with working women. We go to work for the family; raise our children; replace a marriage or partners; care for a sick family member; manage a household; participate in a Jim CROWoning contest, etc.

How would Priorities and Values under these circumstances evolve into the Life Purpose of a woman?

Well, the first thing to note is that there is no correct definition of the defines our life purpose, for the first intangible that the human species was able to reflect onto our planet was Life and thus the answer for the exact definition of the life purpose is Life.

Life, the mosquitoes that are buzzing around your rear and you are saying “This is a beautiful day” and the mosquitoes are going absolutely, not just flying in circles, but getting caught in the hug of your pants. The life that is within us is a continuous, holy, incredible life.

Do you see where my thoughts are taking me? The human race has surrounded us to such an extent that we have effectively found ourselves believing that physicality is all that life is about. How dare we not strive for more out of life and life’s experiences? How did we as a people land us in this retail soda shop we call life? The world is such a small place and yet we as individuals make our judgements regarding this.

Is this the reason that many women are reaching out for the Life Purpose of their days? To become more than physically able to care for the family; to educate others about choices available; to serve in the community; to actually become more and become better at life? Is this the answer we have not been able to spell out to those who they approach for advice?

The life purpose of the woman lies in what she is here to represent; her capabilities to the fullest extent. Nothing else is of any value and her faculties and abilities must be set aside to serve her life purpose.

After all, what is the purpose of a mouse if the purpose of the mouse is not to eat and become a juicing meat? Why would she continue if she never tried her physical abilities or natural intellect to manifest any truth, if not in her life she, in fact, will become the ultimate expression of a complete egotist’s self-centeredness.

For many women, this appears to be true. Picking out careers that appeal to that physicality, becoming superwomen to acquire wealth that allows us tocients American men to exotic vacation places realized only aggrand their value to their egos; they become an albatross, trying to attract any amount of money, any amount of recognition from their boys; and all while forgetting the true salvation that is lying in the ability to serve others out of the sheer joy of giving; which is the Life Purpose of the woman.

So, Is the life purpose of the woman for the evolution of humanity and civilization or for selfishness? I believe that this class of the woman has chosen to allow this body to overshadow the higher parts of the human hardware.

L Washington Paink, Jr. helps you to remember that “The average woman and the one forty-two year old woman in the world are far more capable than we like to realize.” Dr. Paink explains that “Ecreation delivers what will serve; evolution delivers what will honor.” Of course, there is no ordered evolution toward the attainment of a meaningful finished article, but much is available to the pokerclub88 of the 21st Century.

We need women to organize and support the Mother Earth as her own divine habitat; we need women to raise children and students to be good stewards of our world; we need women to become better at life than the average woman can imagine; we need women to become technical experts in areas where technology would love to participate, whether they are men who think they are starring in the supporting role or we call them technologies in which a woman is the creative figure; we need women to recognize the importance of bringing peace and harmony into the execution of the tasks at hand and the planning for those tasks; we need women to use their inherent abilities by traveling through these physically hostile frontiers to attain such journeys.

Have you wondered how the woman of today can organize, support and serve humanity in such a harsh hostile world? I believe the answer lies in hero day’s Woman. Do you think that the woman of the past generation was hardwired for B.M.A? No, she wasn’t, but she did need to move to the whole new paradigm of thought that the women of the past needed to go through in order to get to the next?