How to Make Profits From Your Football Betting

Most punters spend their time looking for the perfect strategy to win every bet they place, however they rarely think about how to make profits from their betting.

Chances are you will win many of the bets you place, and the main reason for this is because you place them with various bookmakers that offer odds that are not the same, or are worse.

On average odds are around 11-1 when betting in live-betting markets, however the major bookmakers can get the odds down to as low as 8-1, meaning you can only choose from about 10 bets you can place if you are backing teams or players.

When backing teams or players the majority of bookmakers offer a generous sign-up bonus, and for backing players you have a lot of ‘re-load’ bonuses as well.

These bonuses are aimed at new customers, however if you have been a customer for a while you may well have access to bookmakers which have been in business for a while and have built a reputation for making the best bets.

I have worked with a number of sports betting agents in the past and, in certain cases, I have had to contact them directly to find out whether they were offering any promotional offers for new customers. In this article, I will list the three biggest bookmakers who offer bet-free bets, and I will also show you where you can get bet-free money these days.


Bet365 is the UK’s largest bookmaker, and they have become one of the “pokerace99” in sports betting over the past decade. Because Bet365 is a betting company you can open an account with them fund your account with a credit card and place a bet anytime you like. Unfortunately, they do not offer a no-deposit bonus, which is great for when you’re starting out, but it’s unlikely you will get value for money.

The Sw Egyptian Casino and Bingo Are a bookmaker type agency, which means you can open an account with them and offer money as a deposit, but unfortunately they do not offer a no-deposit bet.

Paddy Power

At Paddy Power, you can either bet on a selection to win, or bet against a selection. Unlike with Bet365, bets can be placed both ways on most events. They do offer a £50 free bet, which is a good way to start.


Coral offer a series of casino games, including roulette, blackjack and craps. A fun way to plus up your football knowledge, you can play online slot games. They are heavily regulated and for this reason you will not be able to place bets or answer questions in their customer service department.

Perhaps the best value for money, if you are not sure of how to bet, is at Coral’s horse racing betting site. Unlike most other bookmakers they allow you to place bets on odds, even run blog and forum giveaways and you even have the chance to predict the outcome of major races and ocean conditions. Very cool! Odds available range from 11-4 in the Bet Cashin prize, to more than 70% on popular options.