How To Clean Your Vegas Casino Poker Chips

If you are the proud owner of Vegas casino poker chips, I am sure that you take special pride in your ownership. These exquisite poker chips are desired by many due to the unique style, structure, and appeal that they possess. Many do not realize that a large part of the maintenance of these poker playing products includes cleaning them. In this informative how-to article, you will learn the steps and information on how to clean your Vegas casino poker chips.

Step 1:

The first thing that you must understand when it comes to cleaning poker chips is that certain types are more prone to accumulating dirt, and grime than other types. The ingredients in poker chips play a large role in this. Poker chips that are composed of clay, for instance, are much more likely to accumulate debris and even fade as time progresses. However, chips that are created by implementing the use of ceramic are less likely to accrue various types of debris. If you are interested in cleaning your gaming chips for the purpose and intent of maintaining them, learn what they are composed of first.

Step 2:

The next step in properly cleaning your Vegas casino poker chips is to determine their overall value. If you are collector, for example, you want to avoid using basic cleaning methods on your poker chips. You should ensure that the chips are placed in a display to avoid contact with consistent levels of dirt and grime. If your poker chips are basic and not so valuable, you may be able to use simple methods of cleaning them. There are many professional cleaners that you can implement in order to ensure maintenance on your valuable chips. If you elect to clean your poker chips yourself, it is important to do it in a proper manner. If you visit a casino, for instance, you can find machines that actually wash your chips for you!

Step 3:

Let’s say that you do not have access to a poker chip cleaning machine. That is fine. There are still other methods you can use to clean those beautiful poker accessories! All you have to do is purchase a soft bristle toothbrush. The best types, in my opinion, are the ones that are sold in the infant and toddler departments of local department stores, like Wal-Mart. Once you have picked up the toothbrush, get some detergent that is considered to be mild by nature.

Step 4:

When you get home, take a small cup and add one half of a teaspoon of the detergent to warm water. Make sure that you mix the water and the detergent well.

Step 5:

Be sure that you avoid taking your Vegas casino poker chips and putting them in water, or in the mixture that you have created. All you want to do is dip the soft bristle toothbrush that you have purchased for the endeavor in the cup.

Step 6:

Take the toothbrush and gently start to scrub the top, bottom, and sides of your poker chips.

Step 7:

If there is an inlay on the poker chip, be sure to avoid cleaning this section with the toothbrush as it may damage it. Take a damp cloth to clean this area. Otherwise, water and soap may seep inside the inlay.

Step 8:

Once the Vegas casino poker chips are cleaned, simply allow them to air dry. Once they are dry, you may consider oiling them like Professional Naga303 Players do.

Step 9:

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